Different forms of identity, feeling at home in foreign countries and adapting to new environments are important themes for me. 

Spending 15 years of my childhood in 4 different continents has made finding my ground and a sense of direction an ongoing process. 

My love for photography started when my parents gave me a pocket camera for my 12th birthday. Many years later this led to four years of studying Photographic Design at Art School.

Logically a career as a photographer should follow but I chose to spend 17 years working as an airhostess for KLM.

It turned out to be a perfect opportunity to wander the streets of the world, with my camera as my contemplative eye.

During my years with KLM I noticed how many flight safety instructions and flight related expressions were also a way of creating awareness in the direction that daily life is heading.

This Flight Safety = Life Safety insight, together with perceiving the world through a photographic lens, came together to create my vision on life and how to enjoy the journey of it.

Slowly and organically the two traits have grown into what is now 'Chicken or Pasta?'. 

My mission is to inspire you to look beyond what you think you see and to question the view you have on things. Literally and figuratively.

To become more aware of your daily choices in seeing, being and doing and how to help yourself move ahead playfully and sustainably.


Breathe Normally, Mind your Step and Jump and Slide!

Heleen :)