Hi, I am Heleen Rittershaus and I was born travelling! Not really, but I was born and raised abroad, and moving from one continent to another made airplanes a pretty big part of my life at a very early age. Despite all these flights, it was never on my bucket list to become a flight attendant myself. But when I decided to quit my photography studies at art school, I spontaneously applied for the job after all. Interesting choice indeed...



Airline life
Flying around the world brought me many wonderful experiences and memories. For starters, reconnecting with my love for photography and roaming the streets of the world was incredibly nourishing. Not to mention the opportunities I had to go back to the places I used to live during my childhood abroad. Meeting up with friends and schoolmates from all over the globe was magical and incredibly healing. And last but not least, running into my (now) husband (yes the cliches are true..;) and experiencing motherhood a few years later was life changing of course.



Jetlag and other disturbances
Eventually a probable postnatal depression and/or burn out, as well as the continuous jetlag, resulted in me neither enjoying my job any longer nor experiencing motherhood as particularly magical... It was very clear that I wasn’t doing myself or my family a favour by staying in the same situation.

Not an easy choice but after 17 years I left the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and took a chance to reinvent myself all over again. While flying I was often inspired by fun products, ideas and insights that got my creative juices flowing again. One of them was as close at hand as the seat pocket in front of me!



Flight Safety
I had noticed how flight safety instructions and other airline expressions that are used to ensure passenger safety in emergency or other situations, gave the same sense of direction and clarity of mind when used in daily life! With that insight flight-safety became life-safety and the ‘Chicken or Pasta?’ concept was (air) born.

Emergency exit!
Isn’t life constantly filled with all sorts of ‘emergencies’? Having to deal with them is what makes you learn and grow. And it’s HOW you deal with them that will determine how you experience your life. You can’t stop the shitty stuff from happening but you can choose how to go about it.



You are an influencer
You might not be aware of it but you are. Your way of going about things will always have an affect on someone or something. Realising that fact sure brought my sense of respons - ability to life! What do I want to give my attention to? In which direction do I want to be heading and who am I taking with me?

Are you following me?
I’m sure you would if I was part of the cabin crew during an emergency situation on board of an aircraft. Not a fun thought, but I would be there to get you to move in the right direction, fast! The very instructions that hardly anyone really listens to before take-off, are at the core of finding your direction when it comes down to it. In an aircraft, or in daily life..



Chicken or pasta?
Chickenorpasta? wants to remind you that you’re making choices all day long. You having a say in them, consequently means that you have a say in what you and your life are about. What a great opportunity right?

Chickenorpasta? has playful reminders to help you focus on what you need to get ahead in life. Which expression or instruction would give you positive input throughout your day? Need to motivate yourself to step out of your comfort zone more often and Jump & Slide into new adventures? Want to remember to catch your breath in moments of stress and hurry and simply Breathe Normally?

It's up to you, it's your choice
With “chickenorpasta” flightsafety has become ‘lifesafety’ and you’ll be surprised how many other people you’ll be ‘saving’ along the way while wearing your ‘note to self’… :)

‘Every choice you make is a declaration of who you want to be’.
_ Charles Eisenstein