Sustainability, It’s such a hype, right?
Sustainable products are often too expensive!
It’s not easy to find something I really want at all..
What good would I be doing on my own anyway?

Yes, it’s a hype.
And rightfully so!

The Cambridge Dictionary defines hype as “a situation in which something is advertised and discussed in newspapers, on television, etc. a lot in order to attract everyone’s interest”. Another definition they mention is “to make something seem more exciting or important than it is”. Is it used to attract everyones interest? Is it not actually that important? Which definition of sustainablility resonates with you? What do you choose to give your attention to? 

Expensive is a relative understanding.
Obviously because it depends on how much you have in your wallet. More interestingly though if you ask me, is the question what you want to spend it on? I respect that there is not always a lot of choice when you have to clothe and feed people and there’s no financial room for choices. Nonetheless, being aware of these possible choices is already a valuable asset that can be put to use in other situations just as worthwhile.

It’s the mindset that changes your perspective on things, not just the available amount of money itself.

And indeed, sustainably made clothes and other products are often more expensive than ‘regular’ ones. But what does ‘regular’ really mean? Fashion wise we have become so used to low prices that we have forgotten what the real costs are. The producers have not given us the whole story and making it easy on one end of the line, has meant making it difficult and unfair on the other. This goes for all mass produced and consumed goods of course.

My wish for the future would be that we learn to consume less, therefor produce less which consequently could change pricing all together. What do we want to focus on; the price, the quality, the value, the sustainability?.. It’s up to us.

Something you want?
…or something you need..?



I love cool clothes and I would probably buy more if I wasn’t constantly confronted with mass consumerism the moment I cycle to the city centre! Honestly, it puts me off. When I’m tempted to buy something I try to define what’s behind the need and the want. And confining myself to buying at thrift shops and second hand markets definitely helps.

My main question is usually if it really adds a positive value or that I’m just feeling needy..? What good can you do on your own? A lot if you ask me. This is where I think ‘personal sustainability’ as I like to call it, comes in the picture!

Going back to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of sustainable regarding the environment is; “using methods that do not harm the environment so that natural resources are still available in the future”. Generally it means; “able to continue at the same level for a period of time”. Both are about caring and giving attention to your own well being or that of the world around you.

And all this really comes down to is choices.
The choice to buy something or not to. Choosing to support things with your money and/or time is already a great example of cause and effect. Putting your influence to use for the things you find valuable and in need of attention.

So what can you do on your own?
Learning to be more aware of what you choose to buy or do and why, is already such a leap into becoming more sustainable in your daily life! 

Mind Your Step with one step at a time:)

What about the ChickenorPasta products? 
1/ For starters, all the prints on the products are screen printed, by hand, locally in Amsterdam. Also, using only water based inks as opposed to plastic based ones.

2/ Secondly, all the products are chosen with care to ensure a sustainable production process and fair working conditions. Stanley and Stella is the brand I have chosen to work with.

3/ Thirdly, I don’t order a large amount of products up front so I hardly have any stock. Everything I have made, is used. If products are somehow left over, I don’t put them on SALE. Although I’m a sucker to an attractive price as well, I believe Sale doesn’t encourage a more aware consumer behaviour. We all should try to produce and consume less! Become more aware of what we really need or what adds value to our lives. 

Choose consciously, let it have meaning and make it last.