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Mind Your Step - Pauline Siebers

by Heleen Rittershaus | | | 0 Comments

As shaman, I believe our lives are but dreams.

What makes me jump out of bed in the morning though, is the opportunity to design my dreams the way I like it best.

To me, that is what “Mind Your Step” is all about; to tread mindfully.
Not out of fear of what might happen, but out of LOVE for everything that does happen.

You see, we are the ones that label situations according to our good-bad duality. To the cosmos all is equal, and although we may enjoy the “good” moments more, it is the “bad” ones that make us evolve.

Everything in this universe is minding its step in order to expand and become an even better version of itself — nothing pleases me more the to WEAR a reminder of that!

Pauline Siebers
Social Media Shaman

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