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Chicken or pasta? - Isabelle Roskam - Artist, painter, designer.

by Heleen Rittershaus | | | 0 Comments

Choices.choices! Yesss.. I so recognize this! I have so many ideas and dreams, where to begin..? 

I know what I want regarding the big things in life, but how and when is often a challenge. This is why "Jump & Slide" speaks to me. I choose to "jump" but it's never sure where the "slide" will take me.. 

For me Jump & Slide stands for "choosing a direction and go all in, JUMP!". Then let go a moment and experience what happens. After a while you'll make a new jump:-) 

I also love my ChickenOrPasta mug! It reminds me that everything is a choice. Whether I start or end the day with the mug, I catch myself staring at the words for a while, contemplating the choices I made that day or stuff I had doubts about. 

And I appreciate that it's not pushing me in any direction but merely making me aware of all the possibilities. 

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