Breathe Normally - Mariëtte Fehmers

Breathe normally..  It sounds logical and so very obvious. But if we would actually be doing this, we wouldn’t experience the same amount of stress, let alone a nervous breakdown.
To me breathing normally is the same as breathing with awareness. Or rather, consciously putting my breath to use when I feel this is necessary.

I tend to breathe with awareness when I experience an overdose of adrenaline. For instance when I’m about to speak infront of a group of people and I feel fear. Or when there’s a lot to deal with in a short period of time and my level of cortisol rises together with my level of stress.

Breathing normally, like a baby would do.. It’s often what rescues me.
Or, in chickenorpasta terminology; it is often my ‘life-safety’.

Mariëtte Fehmers
Docent HVA