Breathe Normally

Jennifer van Balkom

For the second year in a row, I am privileged to be a TedX speaker coach. To help & support those who are stepping on to ‘the red dot’, who tell their idea and share their stories about who they truly are in the best way they can.

A year ago I became a TED-speaker so I know what it is to stand on that ‘red dot’. I know what it feels like to have all this energy of excitement racing through your body and to feel all the doubts and fears too, as well as the euphoria afterwards.

On the 14 of March 2019 the second edition of TedX Amstelveen came together after months of preparation. To help the speakers calm their nerves I got out one of the Chicken or Pasta? Postcards: “Breathe Normally” and I put it up on the door to enter the stage.
So before stepping out into the spotlight and on to the red dot, they were indeed reminded to breathe…normally…
To make sure to connect with themselves so that they were also able to connect with those 200 + people in the audience.

So thank you Heleen for making that happen! For having that idea, for creating those lovely postcards and for doing what you do. Because today you inspired and helped 10 TED-Speakers and all the crew, to breathe normally.
You’re making an amazing contribution to the lives of a lot of people. Please keep doing what you do on the mission that you’re on.
Breathe Normally…:)

Jennifer van Balkom