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Jump & Slide!

by Heleen Rittershaus | | | 0 Comments

Dear all, 

FINALLY! This might be you too, but it's definitely me yelling it!

I have been looking forward to this opportunity for so long. The opportunity to communicate with you through a properly functioning webshop. It's that simple really.

You wouldn't believe how many variaties, misfits and discontinuations of websites it has taken to get here. I won't bore you with the details, but aside from some unhandy choices, the bottom line is that I was clearly procrastinating. 

Not necessarily on purpose though. It was more a notion of not feeling competent enough. Not certain enough of my choices and motivations. Not sure if the product was good enough. If the message would be clear enough. If RITTRSHAUS was to be a fashion brand or an artistic concept? 

That last question especially, has been a tough nut to crack. 

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